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Each region's University of Worship will hand out a free pack of Wheat to paid accounts once Farming 3 has been researched and the character has Farming skill 3/3. Different regions will have different strains. A player may only receive one pack of wheat, which comes as a set for each of the three seasons (Akhet, Peret, and Shemu). To grow wheat you must choose a variety that matches the current season, and is grown on the correct terrain type.

Farming 3 is required to plant wheat. As of 10 Sep 2021, a player with Farming 2 can water and harvest wheat, but not plant it.

Raw wheat, not dried, is the only type that can be planted. It is listed in inventory by season and variety.

To use Wheat for any purpose other than planting, it must be dried.

Similar to drying straw, wheat can be dried by dropping it on the ground (700 take 1h to dry, more got swept away), or by placing it in a Drying Rack or Flax Hammock (up to 200 at a time on a Flax Hammock). Upon drying, it becomes Wheat (Dried, Raw); the strain no longer matters.


Varieties IN TALE 10

  • Abacua, Available in Hermopolis - Clay
  • Asatru, Available in Elephantine, South Sinai, West Kush - Grass
  • Druidism, Available in Swenett, East Sinai, East Kush - Grass
  • Macumba, Available in Bernike, Philae, Bahariya Oasis - Dirt
  • Palo Mayombe, Available in Suez - Sand
  • Satanism, Available in ? - Dirt
  • Voodoo, Available in Abydos, Western Desert - Grass
  • Wicca, Available in Napata - Dirt or Sand
  • Druze, Available from event prize - Grass
  • Romani Nostrum, Available from event prize - Clay, not Grass
  • Caodiasm, Event prize - Dirt only
  • Candomble Bumble --Event Prize---Clay
  • Umbanda Olanda--Event Prize ---Clay

To grow wheat you must choose a variety that matches the current season, and is grown on the correct terrain type.

Raw wheat, not dried, is the only type that can be planted. It is listed in inventory by season and variety.

Hybrid (Player Made)

  • DedeWheat Grass---Grass
  • Tunnen#37 - Dirt


To grow wheat, once you have the correct variety and season, you only need water. Lots of water. Wheat will go through a series of weeds and only becomes available to harvest, once all of the weeds are gone. You will most likely need to water several times . This is completely random. Some beds will harvest after a few waterings, others can take close to an hour or more. If you fail to water within a give time, the wheat will die, and no seed will be given back.

  • When growing wheat near a Wheat Silo, it is automatically stored into your silo upon harvesting.

Use caution as it is lag sensitive. To get the best yields for your time, here are a few tips...

  • Do not let the beds touch each other, as this can result in the message "For some reason, the wheat stalks were weak, and no good grain could be harvested.".
  • Try to grow wheat with spouse or friends, the more wheat beds around, the higher the yields.
  • Try to devote at least an hour of uninterrupted game time to growing, the longer a bed sits on the ground, usually the higher the yield at harvest.
  • A single person should be able to grow 25 (5x5) beds at once. But might want to start with a 2x2 and expand. Using the hotkeys W = water and H = harvest with your left hand and the right hand on the mouse to scroll over the beds works great. F8 camera angle can help too. Hold down on the W key as you scroll, as soon as a bed looks mostly green and weed free, use the H key to harvest.
  • Grow near a water source. You're going to need a lot of it.
  • Replant a bed in your grid, as soon as you harvest.
  • If you do not have a Wheat Silo available, Have a warehouse within reach for stashing.
  • If you grow for about an hour, without interruption, and have several beds planted, you should start seeing harvest near 300+ per bed.
  • If you see all of you beds die at once, you might have been hit by a lag spike, and will need to start over, this is why having a spouse helping can be a great asset. The more the merrier when growing wheat, just use a voice chat :)

Offlined Wheat

Once you have harvested 1500 wheat, you may grow it as an offline chore. It appears in your inventory as Wheat (Dried, Raw), as opposed to seeds of a particular strain and season.


I'm hoping to perform a bunch of experiments to try to unlock some of the secrets of wheat. You can find details on my research on my page Tunnen's Wheat Page. If you would like to collaborate or have any questions or ideas, please feel free to send me a chat in-game.

Previous Tales Varieties

Please move up to varieties once verified in T7

  • Caodaism - Dirt
  • Macumba - Dirt, NOT Grass or Sand (weak stalks)
  • Santeria - Dirt or Sand, NOT Clay or Grass (weak stalks)
  • Umbanda - NOT Clay, Sand, Grass, Dirt (weak Stalks)

Theories on Growing Wheat

  • Wheat does send the acid level to 0 when grown in large amounts in a particular area. This area can spread out to 100+ cords. What effects this has on the area in not known. Acid levels will return to normal after wheat has not been grown. This can takes days/weeks. It has been suggested, but not tested, that the acid levels can be adjusted using lime and sulfur. That maybe an ideal acid level, can increase the amount of harvested grain from a wheat bed or cut down on the amount of weeds. More testing needs to be done on this subject.

Tale 3 guide to wheat. Tale 3


Depending on your Arthropodology skill level, harvesting Wheat can sometimes produce Fruit Maggots, Rose Swallowtails, Spittlebugs, Orchid Hoppers, Dew Flies, Snowberry Butterflies, Ruby Hornborrers, Corn Maggots, Raspberry Moths, Nightwings, Woodmoths, Leafhoppers, Leaf Snappers, and Clearwings.

Varieties IN TALE 8

  • Asatru, Available in - Grass
  • Abacua, Available in Asyut, Pwenet, Meshwesh Delta - Clay
  • Druidism, Available in Axum, Elephantine, East Kush, Western Desert, Asyut - Grass
  • Druze, Available from The Great Granary II Event Prize - Grass and Dirt
  • Candomble, Available from The Great Granary I Event Prize - NOT Grass, Clay, Sand or Dirt (weak stalks)
  • Macumba, Available in Suez(Arsinoe side), Gebel - Dirt
  • Palo Mayombe, Available in Suez(Giza side) - Sand
  • Voodoo, Available in Blue Nile, Herakleopolis, Swenett - Grass
  • Wicca, Available in - Dirt or Sand
  • Santeria, Available from The Great Granary III Event Prize - Sand and Dirt