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Raeli Oven

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Raeli Oven
Raeli Oven
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Clay Bricks 3,000
Clay Steeped Wool Cloth 20
Concrete 500
Copper Wire 100
Steel Sheeting 25


Raeli ovens are semi-automated structures used to manufacture Raeli Tiles and gather Clay if upgraded. They are NOT actually built ON clay. It's hidden under the regular terrain.


Raeli ovens become available after learning the Raeli Pottery technology from the University of Art and Music and the Raeli Pottery 0 (Skill) skill.

Initial Cost

Dredging Mechanism

(only available if the initial construction was successfully located on a soft clay patch)
It is possible to build two ovens very close to one another, even if the soft clay patches were identified by the same breed of pig. However, when attempting to install the dredging mechanism, you may receive the message: "As you inspect the ground below, you notice another dredging system from a nearby oven that will make it impossible to Install a dredge here." Tearing down the preexisting oven resolves this conflict (you will get back 100% of Raeli mats, but not the small construction site mats).

    • I received this message about 70 coords away from another Raeli, which had another Raeli only about 5 coords from it. So it may be pig based or max 2 per area.


Selecting Commission Gearbox Refinement Project

You can pay for a new Gear Box requirement by selecting Projects... > Commission Gearbox Refinement Project

Cost to commission a new Gearbox

Commission Cost:: 10 Papyrus Paper, 20 Ink, 50 Gold

Region Materials:

(T9 datas are available on T9 Wiki or at the bottom of the page)

Region Small Gear Medium Gear Bars Straps 488 Resin 188 Resin
Abydos Lead Aluminum Copper Thoth´s Ranyahn Hawthorn
Akhetaton Zinc Silver Silver Steel Umbrella Palm Spindle Tree
Ammonium Platinum Tin Aluminum Octec's Alloy Royal Palm Coconut Palm
Arabia Silver Tin Silver Octec's Alloy Hawthorn Folded Birch
Arsinoe Tin Platinum Silver Tin Miniature Fern Palm Coconut Palm
Asyut Tin Iron Copper Pewter Spindle Tree Bottle Tree
Axum Zinc Magnesium Iron Antimony Cinnar Locust Palm
Bahariya Oasis Lead Tin Gold Moon Steel Umbrella Palm Locust Palm
Bernike Magnesium Gold Gold Silver Coconut Palm Ranyahn
Bitter Lakes Copper Copper Antimony Copper Savaka Pratyeka
Blemmyes Lead Zinc Magnesium Silver Folded Birch Savaka
Blue Nile Gold Platinum Gold Brass Hawthorn Locust Palm
Buhen Silver Gold Magnesium Electrum Hawthorn Butterleaf
Cyrene Lead Platinum Magnesium Aluminium Butterleaf Cinnar
Dakhla Oasis Iron Magnesium Gold Moon Steel Ranyahn Hawthorn
Damot Platinum Zinc Gold Copper Hawthorn Cinnar
Dunqul Oasis
East Kush Tin Platinum Aluminum Brass Folded Birch Mini Palmetto
East Sinai Antimony Magnesium Lead Lead Hawthorn Chakkanut
Elephantine Platinum Tin Tin Copper Chakkanut Coconut
Faiyum Silver Iron Antimony Sun Steel Umbrella Palm Ranyahn
Gebel Magnesium Iron Zinc Silver Chakkanut Ash Palm
Giza Platinum Silver Silver MoonSteel Folded Birch Spindle
Hamim Copper Magnesium Iron steel Royal Palm Miniature Fern Palm
Herakleopolis Tin Tin Copper Gold Royal Palm Kaeshra
Hermopolis Zinc Copper Gold Octec's Alloy Ash Palm Spindle Tree
Kerma Antimony Iron Aluminum Tin Cinnar Hawthorn
Kharga Oasis Tin Silver Silver Iron Hawthorn Savaka
Lahun Lead Magnesium Platinum Brass Royal Ash
Meroe Desert
Meshwesh Delta Aluminum Iron Tin Antimony Folded Birch Folded Birch
Napata Aluminium Aluminium Gold Metal Blue Ranyahn Ash Palm
Naqada Magnesium Antimony Lead Iron Royal Palm Folded Birch
Nabta Playa Iron Tin Silver Antimony Chakkanut Folded Birch
Philae Antimony Antimony Lead Sun Steel Ranyahn Royal Palm
Pwenet Antimony Magnesium Antimony Aluminum Butterleaf Royal Palm
Red Sea Iron Lead Antimony Copper Chakkanut Cinnar
South Sinai Silver Iron Iron Aluminum Ranyahn Butterleaf
Suez Copper Copper Platinum Pewter Miniature Fern Palm Hawthorn
Swenett Zinc Zinc Magnesium Gold Coconut palm Pratyeka Tree
Thebes Silver Zinc Silver Antimony Chakkanut Folded Birch
Timna Zinc Antimony Iron Thoth's Metal Butterleaf Hawthorn
Upper Egypt Gold Tin Iron Brass Ranyahn Spindle Tree
Wadi Natrun
West Kush Gold Copper Antimony Steel Savaka Ranyahn
West Sinai
Western Desert Lead Copper Tin Steel Mini Palmetto Bottle Tree
White Nile Gold Aluminium Iron Metal Blue Bottle Tree Ranyahn
Zau Silver Gold Iron Lead Locust Palm Hawthorn


Clay Dredge

Raeli ovens can be upgraded to dredge clay instead of tiles. The option "Upgrade Oven with Clay Dredge" appears on the main oven menu provided you know Raeli Pottery and the oven isn't dredging or burning tiles.

To collect clay instead of tiles, requires:

Note - When dredging clay the oven will not gather tiles, you can dredge tiles or clay, not both! After the upgrade you can choose which you would like the oven to do. Clay appears to be gathered at roughly the same rate that tiles would be.

Strengthen the Mechanism

When the Raeli oven is not in operation the oven menu has the option to Strengthen the Mechanism. This upgrades the Raeli Oven to work faster. How much faster is currently unknown. The oven will only allow you to upgrade if you have learned Structure Reinforcement.

It can be upgraded up to 7 times. To build Level 3, you must have already have built Level 1 and Level 2. Level 6 would first need levels 1, then 2, then 3, then 4, then 5 before you can do level 6. Therefore, the total actual costs to reach each level is:

Level Cost Total Cost Including Previous Levels Total Cost for Raw Materials*
Upgrade Level Iron Bar Washer Bolt Clay Bricks Total
Iron Bar
Clay Bricks
Charcoal (Using SCB)
Charcoal (Using MCB)
Total Wood to
Fire the Bricks
From no upgrade to Level 1 10 10 10 50 10 10 10 50 24 158 68 36 34 30
From Level 1 to Level 2 20 20 20 100 30 30 30 150 71 472 202 104 100 78
From Level 2 to Level 3 30 30 30 150 60 60 60 300 140 940 400 200 200 150
From Level 3 to Level 4 40 40 40 200 100 100 100 500 234 1568 968 336 340 252
From Level 4 to Level 5 50 50 50 250 150 150 150 750 351 2352 1002 504 500 378
From Level 5 to Level 6 60 60 60 300 210 210 210 1050 491 3292 1402 704 700 528
From Level 6 to Level 7 70 70 70 350 280 280 280 1400 654 4388 1868 936 934 702


Warning: Ovens overloaded with more than 20k tiles will return no tiles when fired. In T10, ovens start having breaking tiles within a one-week period on a fully-upgraded oven, so expect less return on all bakings. Ovens that are not fully upgraded will dredge tiles slower, and will take longer to become overloaded.

Raeli ovens continually dredge Clay from the ground, accumulating it as unbaked Raeli Tiles. At any time the owner may start baking the accumulated tiles; this costs 25 Charcoal and halts the dredging process. Baking tiles requires the Raeli Pottery skill. All tiles must be baked together—it is not possible to bake some tiles and leave the others unbaked. It is not possible to remove unbaked tiles from an oven.

As the Raeli tiles bake, they gradually change color. All tiles begin as White and slowly cycle through a progressively darkening series of colors in 128 decrements that each vary from 10 to 120 seconds, ending up as Black. The owner of the Raeli oven may interrupt the baking process at any time to stop the tiles at a particular color. When baking, tile color is determined by written color, not the color shown in the color swatch. Once tiles have stopped baking, they cannot be re-baked later to change their color. After halting the baking process, the Raeli oven can be restarted to dredge new tiles. The exact colors that tiles pass through on their transition from White to Black depend on where the Raeli oven was built.

The rate of dredging (and the rate of baking) is determined each time dredging or baking is started based on upgrade level, plus experience in the Raeli Pottery skill, plus a random factor. The total time can vary from 2–4 hours based on your experience in Raeli Pottery and the upgrade level of the oven.

Starting and stopping the baking process increases your experience in Raeli Pottery according to the following progression (Cumulative?):

In Tale 10, so far only ten experience points can be gained in Raeli Pottery.

Experience # tiles needed
1 2
2 5
3 11
4 23
5 35
6 67
7 191
8 382
9 765
10 1530
11 3061
12 6122
13 12245
14 24491

Ownership Rights

Raeli ovens have an option to allow the owner to make the oven public, but keep a percentage of the tiles burned as a fee for the use of the oven.

So, if you set it to "Owner Keeps 10%", then the user would get 90% of the tiles sent directly into their pocket, and the owner would get 10% of whatever color is burned, kept in the oven's inventory. The default behavior is for the owner to keep everything

Normally to let a non-owner use a building you would set it to be used by "Anyone". If you set an oven to be used by Anyone, then it overrides the "Non-owner Percentage", and they would keep it all.

So, to set up an Oven to be baked and dredged by people other than the owner, you have two options:

  • If you don't want to keep any of the tiles for yourself, you can set it to be used by "Anyone"
  • If you want to set a fee for use of the oven, you would set the normal permissions to something other than "Anyone", and then set a Non-owner Percentage to something more than zero.

NOTE: If you are using a public oven that has been set with an owner's percentage, your percentage of the tiles will go directly into your inventory so be sure you have room to carry them. If a public oven does NOT have an owner's percentage set, the burned tiles will stay in the oven's inventory until removed.

Maps/Public Raeli Ovens


In previous tellings, Raeli Ovens produced soot when fired, which could prevent such things as growing Flax, harvesting Fresh Leaves, and others. No pollution was reported in T7 and none is yet apparent in T8.

Region Materials: This data is from T9.

Region Small Gear Medium Gear Bars Straps 488 Resin 188 Resin
Abydos Iron Platinum Magnesium Iron Ranyahn Butterleaf
Akhetaton Zinc Platinum Antimony Aluminum Spindle Tree Bottle Tree
Ammonium Silver Antimony Lead Antimony Folder Birch Folder Birch
Arabia Lead Aluminum Silver Antimony Coconut Palm Cinnar
Arsinoe Copper Tin Aluminum Gold Folded Birch Umbrella Palm
Asyut Copper Silver Zinc Octecs Alloy Royal Palm Pratyeka Tree
Axum Silver Platinum Gold Iron Kaeshra Bottle Tree
Bahariya Oasis Magnesium Gold Tin Thoth's Metal Kaeshra Folded Birch
Bernike (T10) Magnesium Gold Gold Silver Coconut Palm Ranyahn
Bitter Lakes Aluminium Aluminium Aluminium Copper Savaka Savaka
Blemmyes Iron Lead Gold Octec's Alloy Cinnar Umbrella Palm
Blue Nile Platinum Gold Gold Aluminum Spindle Tree Locust Palm
Buhen Aluminum Copper Copper Metal Blue Miniature Fern Pratyeka
Cyrene Tin Magnesium Platinum Moonsteel Ranyahn Kaeshra
Dakhla Oasis
Damot Tin Gold Copper Iron Chakkanut Tree Coconut Palm
Dunqul Oasis
East Kush Platinum Gold Platinum Aluminum Royal Palm Folded Birch
East Sinai Silver Gold Iron Aluminum Butterleaf Spindle Tree
Elephantine Silver Magnesium Silver Bronze Butterleaf Locust Palm
Faiyum Zinc Aluminum Tin Steel Chakkanut Ash Palm
Gebel Magnesium Silver Gold Antimony Savaka Folded Birch
Giza Zinc Lead Zinc Moonsteel Ranyahn Pratyeka
Hamim Iron Copper Silver Moonsteel Umbrella Palm Umbrella Palm
Herakleopolis Zinc Tin Gold Silver Ash Palm Ranyahn
Kerma Zinc Gold Silver Antimony Miniature Fern Palm Folded Birch
Kharga Oasis Iron Magnesium Lead Antimony Umbrella Palm Mini palmetto
Lahun Platinum Magnesium Gold Lead Mini Palmetto Royal Palm
Meroe Desert Silver Silver Antimony Lead Kaeshra Savaka
Meshwesh Delta Antimony Tin Antimony Thoth's Metal Kaeshra Spindle Tree
Napata Gold Antimony Platinum Antimony Hawthorn Hawthorn
Naqada Silver Aluminum Silver Silver Umbrella Palm Chakkanut Tree
Nabta Playa Lead Aluminum Iron Magnesium Locust Savaka
Nubia Lead Tin Magnesium Bronze Ash Palm Kaeshra
Philae Lead Tin Copper Aluminium Spindle Tree Ranyahn
Pwenet Gold Gold Magnesium Metal Blue Savaka Cinnar
Red Sea Tin Aluminum Magensium Zinc Umbrella Palm Folded Birch
South Sinai Silver Silver Tin Water Metal Kaeshra Mini Palmetto
Suez Lead Lead Gold Zinc Chukkanut Kaeshra
Swenett Tin Tin Lead Zinc Pratyeka Tree Pratyeka Tree
Thebes Tin Tin Gold Gold Kaeshra Miniature Fern Palm
Timna Aluminum Zinc Silver Platinum Kaeshra Butterleaf Tree
Upper Egypt Lead Platinum Tin Lead Folded Birch Miniature Fern Palm
Wadi Natrun Zinc Lead Aluminum Copper Pratyeka Tree Locust Palm
West Kush Antimony Platinum Gold Brass Coconut Palm Folded Birch
West Sinai Platinum Antimony Aluminum Magnesium Spindle Tree Cinnar
Western Desert Lead Tin Iron Brass Pratyeka Tree Mini Palmetto
White Nile Antimony Platinum Magnesium Moon Steel Umbrella Palm Butterleaf Tree
Zau Lead Magnesium Aluminum Magnesium Savaka Mini Palmetto


If you'd like to document the colors and information related to your own Raeli Oven, you may find the Raeli Oven template helpful.