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Test of the Megalopolis

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The Test of the Megalopolis
The Test of the Megalopolis
(Test - Worship)

With the help of forty-eight associates, build a Megalopolis. All forty-nine of you will pass the test.

Test Description

The Megalopolis

The test of the megalopolis is simple: you must build a megalopolis. When you finish, up to 49 people will pass the test.

The first step to building a megalopolis is to click on your small construction site and select 'Build a Megalopolis Construction Site'. Note: you aren't building the megalopolis yet. You're just building the construction site.

The megalopolis construction site consists of one central structure surrounded by 48 smaller construction sites. Each of these smaller sites will be used to build a piece of the megalopolis.

You are the owner of all 48 smaller construction sites. You can give them to different people individually, or make some of them guild owned, or even grant some to the public.

When all 48 pieces are finished, you will pass the test. Whomever completed a piece will pass the test along with you. Note that starting a piece doesn't count - it is whomever finishes the piece that gets credit for the test. You yourself automatically get credit for the center piece, so you do not need to finish one of the 48 pieces yourself.

A single person can finish more than one piece. But of course, a single person cannot pass the test twice, so this is very inefficient. You would be wise to seek out a full complement of forty-nine players.

WARNING: from the time that the megalopolis construction site is build, you have one real-world week to finish the megalopolis. If all 48 pieces are not finished by the end of the week, the megalopolis will crumble to dust, taking all your labors with it. Because of this, it is wise to gather all the people and materials before you raise the construction site.

The first step in the process is to build a small construction site, and click on Projects/Architecture/Megalopolis.


Take part in the construction of a truly enormous structure, one that blesses its neighbors with a truly wondrous form of communication.

  • Work with others and complete at least one section of a Megalopolis
  • Complete an entire Megalopolis with others

Note: The task stresses 'with others' because one of the new Ultimate Challenges is to build a Megalopolis entirely on your own.


Passing the test gives the message 'You have received a significant permanent boost to your stats!'. This equates to a +2 bonus for all stats except Perception.