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Minions of Osiris

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Whether you are a new explorer, or have returned to our ancient land from wandering the vast wilderness outside, the Minions of Osiris welcome you! Elders: AlEnchAnar & Renhotep.

Minions of Osiris
Location 153, -6786

Our Guild Hall is just northeast of Meroe in Blue Nile, overlooking a wild maze of streams and sandbars, rich in clay and slate, with ample room for many more compounds. We are in the very early stages of building infrastructure and collecting resources to share with new members. This page of A Wiki in the Desert is a rough draft, that will offer more complete information soon. For now, as we invite you to join us, we all can dream...

Once upon a time, and far from Egypt, poet John Milton (1608-1674) mistakenly wrote:

Nor is Osiris seen

In Memphian Grove, or Green,

Trampling the unshowr'd Grasse with lowings loud:

Nor can he be at rest

Within his sacred chest,

Naught but profoundest Hell can be his shroud,

In vain with Timbrel'd Anthems dark

The sable-stoled Sorcerers bear his worshipt Ark.

You can help us build that Ark, even as we help you rebuild our Egypt! Prove Milton wrong. Become a Minion of Osiris! Guild2.jpg

The guild hall of Minions of Osiris is at the left, and the Ankh is a welcome structure we placed east of Meroe on the main road.

Current Projects

Fellow Minions. In order to progress faster and to help egypt grow, we want to realize a couple of guild projects. Everybody is invited to contribute by donation and wisdom, so we can build them soon and to the use of all guild members

Building Materials Other
Mason's Bench 30 Boards, 48 Bricks, 6 Flint, 20 Leather, 4 Oil, 4 Rope Someone with stonework 2 to build the bench
Student's Forge 24 Boards, 18 Firebricks, 48 Bricks, 2 Clay Steeped Canvas We should build two if possible, so one can work more efficiently.

Also we are asking for donations of herbs and insects, especially the ones needed for skill tuitions. So every member is able to get the resources required for his progress.