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Empty Hand Puzzle

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Empty Hand Puzzle
Empty Hand Puzzle
Medium Construction Site
Cost to Build
Clay Lamp 20
Concrete 1,000
Copper Sheeting 10
Cut Stone 100
Ink 10
Iron Bar 25
Leather 1,000
Oil 5,000
Papyrus Paper 100
Rope 250
Steel Cable 100
Hard Pliable Boards 600
Pliable Rotproof Boards 600
Pliable Termite-Resistant Boards 600
Rigid Rotproof Boards 600
Zinc 75

The Puzzle

The Empty Hand Puzzle is built in a Medium Construction Site and requires:

The Pieces

After building the puzzle itself, you will need to add at least 3 "blocks" to the puzzle. Each block will require the same basic hardware items but the decorative stones and gearbox requirements will be different for each block.

An example block:

The gearboxes vary, I've seen 3, 2, and even 1 output.
The marble type requested varies with each piece, and can be any type of decorative stone.

Current Puzzles

maps/Empty Hand Towers