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Toxin Kitchen

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Toxin Kitchen
Toxin Kitchen
15 x 14
Cost to Build
Bricks 2,500
Firebricks 1,000
Glass Jars 30
Gold Wire 50
Medium Sapphire 1
Thermometer 1


This building becomes available after you have learned the Cross-Breeding tech.

Requires Fungiculture 0 (Skill), you need to buy it at a SBody, tuition is 100 Compost.


Built in a Compound. Uses 14x15 cells.


Used to make materials for Cross-Breeding.

In addition to the reagents manufactured in the Toxin Kitchen, you will need seeds, bulbs, cuttings, etc. of the plants you wish to cross breed and access to a Greenhouse in which to initiate the strain. There is a Cross-Breeding menu on greenhouses for those who know the tech.

Toxin Kitchen may also used to produce Eye of God Serum to perform the Test of Visions.


  • Temperature: The amount of heat being applied. Every time you "Heat with Charcoal", 1 charcoal is consumed and temperature rises (this effect is immediate). Temperature decreases on its own over time.
  • Volume: The amount of liquid present in the solution. Every time you "Dilute with Water", 1 Water from your inventory is used and volume increases by roughly 1.00 (the precise amount varies). Volume will decrease whenever temperature is non-zero (as the solution slowly boils away); the higher the temperature, the more volume is lost with each tick. NOTE: If volume ever reaches 0.00, the whole batch will be ruined.
  • Acidity: The acidity value of the solution. "Catalyze with Cactus Sap" consumes 1 Cactus Sap and increases acidity; diluting with water decreases it. Acidity also slowly decreases on its own over time. Note that a change in acidity will not display unless you "Check Acidity", which costs 1 Cabbage Juice.
  • Precipitate: The amount of Nut's Essence or Revelation Solvent that has successfully precipitated out. When this value reaches 1.00, you have successfully completed the batch.