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Hackling Rake

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Hackling Rake
Hackling Rake
6 x 5
Cost to Build
Boards 18
Bricks 36
Nails 60


A Hackling Rake becomes available after you have achieved Flax Processing 2 (Skill). It cannot be built without Nails, and must be built inside a Compound.

It is a more advanced version of the Flax Comb. There is also an Improved Hackling Rake. A Flax Gin will do the same thing a hackling rake does, but automatically and more slowly.



  • 2 eyelet gems (of the same type).
    • Reduces endurance timer on processing flax by approximately 1/2.
    • If Rake is built in a compound, the eyelet upgrade will still be on the rake after a break/repair.


Timer: Endurance (45/60)

  • Process 1 Rotten Flax into 1 Straw, 1 Tow and 1 Lint in three steps.
  • Can process up to 10 Rotten Flax at a time.
  • Will wear out with use and eventually require repair after cleaning. Guaranteed to last 100 cycles and has a chance of breaking with each additional use. Any stored processed materials will be left in the comb.


(some of these notes apply to the Flax Comb as well)

  • You can skip step 3 if you don't need lint to save time. (You can skip step 2 as well, but then you're effectively growing flax just to get straw, and that's silly.)
  • Rotten flax is taken directly from your inventory in step 1. If you have less than 10, the comb will use what you have and produce less straw/tow/lint accordingly.

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