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Improved Hackling Rake

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Improved Hackling Rake
Improved Hackling Rake
6 x 5
Cost to Build
Hard, Rotproof Treated Boards 18
Bricks 36
Nails 60


The Improved Hackling Rake becomes available after learning Flax Processing 3 (Skill) skills. It must be built inside a Compound.

It is a more advanced version of the Hackling Rake, which is in turn an improved version of the Flax Comb. The Improved Hackling Rake processes 30 Rotten Flax per pass, and breaks after approximately 200 uses (6000 flax processed). It can then be repaired, as with the Hackling Rake. Curiously, it demands only the repair materials the Hackling Rake takes, not the Improved Hackling Rake costs of treated boards.



The Improved Hackling Rake can be upgraded with 2 Eyelet Cut Gems, of any type, providing a substantial reduction to the base endurance timer.


Timer: Endurance (45/60)


  • Rotten flax is taken directly from your inventory in Step 1. If you have less than 30, the comb will use what you have and produce less straw/tow/lint accordingly.

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