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Reinforced Kiln

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Reinforced Kiln
Reinforced Kiln
9 x 7
Cost to Build
Cut Stone 50
Firebricks 1,000
Serpentine Marble 4
Sun Steel Sheeting: Insulative Stainless 10


This building comes available after you have learned the Kiln Construction 3 (Skill) skill. It is the most advanced and efficient of the kilns.


Built in a Compound. Uses 7x9 cells.


Used to:

Note: You can mix resources in the kiln (e.g. 6 wet jugs and 6 wet firebricks) up to the maximum capacity of 30 items.

Each of these uses requires 8 Wood, and takes 2 teppyminutes.

The Reinforced Kiln has a larger capacity than its younger (and much cheaper) cousin the True Kiln, but takes the same amount of wood to fire.

Reinforced Kilns seem to indicate that they "will survive 1000 firings", but it's unknown yet whether that number ever actually decrements. (No Reinforced Kilns are confirmed to have crumbled in T4.)