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Small Construction Site

Airship Construction

Cost to Build
Canvas 160
Aluminum Strap 20
Water Metal Strap 8
Linen 160
Rope 400
Silk Cloth 80
Pliable, Fireproof Blonde Boards 600

An Airship is a vehicle that can be used to travel by air. You can build it after you have learned the Airship Construction technology and gotten Shipwright 4 (Skill).


Built on a Small Construction Site.

Quick Flying Notes

  • To quote Teppy, "Think hot-air balloon, not helicopter." You move in the direction you're blown, but you can go to higher or lower altitudes, and the wind direction will be different at different altitudes. There is a wind map (for the current altitude) accessed from Self -> Navigation -> Show the Airstream.
  • No fuel is required.
  • When on the ground, the Airship can be packed up for easy carrying.
  • They have a weight and bulk of 100 when packed.
  • The option to Unpack Airship is under Self -> Skills -> Assembly.
  • If you land on water, you get a pop-up saying "A gust of wind blows you back!" and you're returned to wherever you took off from.
  • They don't respect the auto-public setting.

T6 Guide to Flying: https://www.atitd.org/wiki/tale6/Guides/Airship_Flight_Manual