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Carpentry Shop

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Carpentry Shop
Carpentry Shop
16 x 14
Cost to Build
Boards 60
Bricks 36
Rope 2
Slate 8


This building becomes available after you have learned the Carpentry 1 (Skill) skill.


The function of a Carpentry Shop is to plane wood into boards; this requires a blade to be installed. With a blade installed and wood in your inventory, you can use the shop to plane boards automatically, which saves a great deal of clicking. Automatic planing will halt if you move, if the blade dulls, or after 50 plane cycles. Note that it's impossible to use automatic planing on multiple Carpentry shops at once. However, you can auto plane on one shop, and continue to manually plane on other shops without stopping the auto-planing shop. Manually planing carries a small Endurance Timer.

NOTE: Installing a metal blade requires Blacksmithing 0 (Skill) (level uncertain)

Blade Durability

Basic blades have a limited number of uses. Metal Carpentry Blade durability is based on the quality of the blade

Blade Type Uses
Slate 6
Flint 12
Bone 20
Metal Variable based on blade quality

Board Yield

The number of boards planed per cycle is based on your Carpentry level. The formula is :

Carpentry Level Boards/Cycle
0 1
1 2
2 3
3 4
4 5


  • Vice Bench (allows construction of additional tools), requires Blacksmithing