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Small Warehouse

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Small Warehouse
Small Warehouse
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Boards 100
Bricks 1,000
Cut Stone 10

A Small Warehouse is a free-standing storage building that can hold 25,000 bulk.

Carpentry 2 (Skill) is needed to build.


Built in a Small Construction Site. Once built, you may reposition it once.


Note: There are no graphical changes with the upgrades.

Dig a basement

  • Increases capacity to 50,000 bulk.
  • Once upgraded with a basement, the building name becomes Warehouse.
  • Requires Storage Improvements 2.
  • After upgrading, 200 Dirt is added to your inventory.


Build shelves

  • Increases capacity to 100,000 bulk.
  • Once upgraded with shelves, the building name becomes Large Warehouse.
  • Requires Storage Improvements 3. Not implemented in T9.


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