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Dromedary Pen

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Dromedary Pen
Dromedary Pen
Small Construction Site


This building becomes available after you have learned the Animal Husbandry tech. Requires Animal Husbandry 0 (Skill).

NOTE: The Dromedary Pen can no longer be used to store infinite amounts of Straw. Any straw loaded into the pen gets converted into Camel Food.


Build in a Small Construction Site, on Sand.


Used for attracting and housing Camels.

  • Remember to keep the pen's door closed if you're not trying to attract a Camel - otherwise a wild camel may come and eat all the food!

Camel Graphics

  • Male camels populate the left side of the pen
  • Female camels populate the right side of the pen


Camels Stud so the best ratio for breeding is 1:3 Male/Female

Camel Pheromone

A pen with 10 camels of the same gender will produce a corresponding Camel Pheromone


The amount of straw eaten 1 or 2 might indicate the gender of the camel that didn't choose your pen. If true this will help plan when to try to attract a partner camel when in very crowded regions. Please verify

Observation: Beginning of the week, four pens each had 1 male, 1 female. Let them starve. End of the week, all four pens had 1 male each. Males may be more "starvation resistant" than females.