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Acid Bath

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Acid Bath
Acid Bath
5 x 3


An Acid Bath is used to create Salts of Metal.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Neutralization tech and have Cooperage 1.



  • Requires you to have a non-alloy metal in inventory or else you will not get an interaction menu. For every type of non-alloy metal in inventory, the menu will give a menu option for "Make Salts of (metal type)."

To successfully start the process, you need:

Metal salts will be produced in the bath at a rapid, but decreasing pace.

  • 2 salts are produced almost instantly
  • After roughly an hour, 14 salts will have been produced.
  • After 1 day, roughly 28 total salts will have been produced
  • After 1 week, roughly 42 total salts will have accumulated.

The process can be stopped at any time and the salts collected.

Note: There is no apparent upper limit to total production - there were cases in previous tales of well over 100, but that takes several months. But, unless you have way more marble and compound space than metal, most people tend to harvest the salts at somewhere between the 1 day and 2 week point.