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Ceremonial Tasting Table

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Ceremonial Tasting Table
Ceremonial Tasting Table
11 x 5
Cost to Build
Boards 20
Oyster Shell Marble 6


This building becomes available after you have learned the Carpentry 3 (Skill) skill. (Note: With Carpentry skill, this item is still not buildable, suggesting a requirement for something else as well)


For sampling Wine and Beer.


Glass Layout for tasting wine

ATITD Ceremonail Tasting Table-gw.png
(note "customer side" with X-patterns in wood is at the top, and "bartender side" with glasses and shelves is on the bottom)

Mug Layout for tasting beer

There are seven mugs included when you build a Ceremonial Tasting Table, there is no need to install any new glassware to drink beer, and all mugs are identical. See the Guides/Beer for details about beer making and drinking.

  • Regular Beer lasts 1 hour (Ducky Time)
  • Potent Beer lasts 24 hours (Ducky Time)
  • Very Potent Beer lasts 1 week (Ducky Time)