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Medium Construction Site
1 x 1
Cost to Build
Boards 500
Linen 30
Pulley 2
Rope 25
Wood 1,200

A Banner is an outdoor building that boosts a random stat while you are near it. It is built in a Medium Construction Site, and like most construction site projects, can be repositioned once after it's built.


This building automatically becomes available after your faction has completed the research. You must also be at least an Associate in your respective Faction to select the project at the site.


  • When constructed, the banner provides a +3 boost to one stat (assigned randomly during construction) to all faction members within 33 coordinates.
  • The boost wears off 1 minute after leaving the radius of the banner.
  • The stat boost does not stack with other banners.
  • Higher faction ranks do not bestow higher bonuses. It's a +1 bonus regardless of who constructed it, their faction standing, or the standing of the recipient.
  • Disassembling the banner and rebuilding it will assign a new, random stat boost to the banner.