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Assimilation Bath

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Assimilation Bath
Assimilation Bath
12 x 9

Alchemical Maceration

Cost to Build
Copper Straps 3
Glass Pipes 10
Silver 25
Thermometer 1


An Assimilation Bath allows you to create Tinctures for use in Alchemy.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Alchemical Maceration tech. Requires Chemistry 2 (Skill) skill.


First add 7db of Grain Spirits of quality at least Water (that is all except Earth). There appears to be no benefit using different qualities, therefore go for the cheapest (Water).

This activates three new menus, Sun, Moon and Stars. Click on each in turn, and add the ingredients needed. See Tincture for a list of recipes.

Then you must seal the bath and your tincture will be ready in 5 minutes. Only a correct combination of components in specific quantities of each will result in a successful tincture. If you don't have the right recipe, you will get a main message that you made sludge (no actual physical item).