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Bonfire Platform

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Bonfire Platform
Bonfire Platform
Small Construction Site
Cost to Build
Cement 8
Cut Stone 8
Gold Foil 12
Gold Wire 8
Marble 2


A Bonfire Platform holds wood, like a normal Simple Bonfire, but does not decay like a normal bonfire, and has a larger maximum wood capacity. Bonfires on platforms also may not be lit, as they are intended solely for wood storage, making them a safer choice than a standard bonfire for wood storage in several ways.

Built in a Small Construction Site


This building becomes available after you have learned the Bonfire Stabilization tech at a University of Architecture and attained Pyrolysis 3 (Skill).

Platform Size

Marble Max Wood
Oyster Shell Marble 40K
Mud Granite 45K
Canary Granite 50K
Grey Star Marble 55K
Rose Alabaster 60K
White Alabaster 65K
Hornets Wing Granite 70k
Tangerine Marble 75K
Leopards Paw Marble 80K
Jade 85k
Fire Rock 90k
Ghost Granite 95k
Angels Stone 105k
Stranger's Basalt 125k