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Ancient Forge

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Ancient Forge
Ancient Forge
Medium Construction Site

Casting 3

Cost to Build
Bricks 25,000
Clay 10,000
Copper Pipe 100
Cut Stone 1,000
Water 1,000

Takes 60 Orichalcum Pellet to fire, consumes 15 immediately and 1/minute.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Casting 3 tech, and have Casting skill of 4/4.

Cast Items

Name Metal Beeswax Cooling Time
Pincher Axle 25 Platinum Plated Metal Blue: Stainless, Tarnished and Hard) purity 6 or higher 25 Beeswax 5 Minutes
Pincher Claw 50 Aluminum Plated Metal Blue: Stainless, Toxic and Hard) Purity 6 or higher 50 Beeswax 10 Minutes


The Ancient Forge uses the Tale 1 Master's Casting Box graphic. It is one of the few remaining Tale 1 art assets still in the game.