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Small Aging Rack

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Small Aging Rack
Small Aging Rack
3 x 2
Cost to Build
Boards 60
Nails 16
Rope 10


A Small Aging Rack becomes available after you have learned the Cheese Making 0 (Skill) skill. It must be built inside a Compound.

It is used for storing and maturing cheeses. A Large Aging Rack can also be built.



Once you have made Cheese in a Creamery, you will then need to move it to either a Small Aging Rack or Large Aging Rack to mature.

  • 10 slots are available to age cheese in.


(some of these notes apply to the Large Aging Rack as well)

  • Once a cheese is placed in the aging rack, you can select a slot containing your cheese, which will then give you two options:
    • Sample: this will tell you how much Potency the selected cheese currently has.
    • Take: Allows you to remove the selected cheese from that slot.

Aging Times

  • unknown/to be updated