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Glory Hole

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Glory Hole
Glory Hole
13 x 13
Cost to Build
Copper Straps 2
Cut Stone 40
Firebricks 600
Iron Bar 1
Steel Sheeting 20

The Glory Hole allows players to make quality glass blown objects from simple glass items. See the Glassblowing Guide for details on how to make each item.


This building becomes available after you have learned the Glassblowing 2 (Skill) skill.


Built in a Compound. Uses 13x13 cells.


Resource Materials Required Comments
Wine Glass 1 Fine Glass Rod
Thermometer 1 Glass Pipe, 1 Quicksilver Must be 3500 quality or better
Distillation Coil 1 Glass Pipe
Test Tube 1 Glass Rods
Florence Flask 1 Glass Pipe
Beaker 1 Glass Pipe
Thistle Tube 1 Glass Pipe
Hookah Bowl 1 Fine Glass Rod Requires the The Art of the Pipe skill
Barometric Sphere 1 Glass Rod
Barometer 1 Glass Pipe, 1 Lead, 1 Water, 3 Barometric Spheres Under Special Projects. Requires Test of Life or Test of the Ritual Tattoo
Builds the barometer without doing another glassblowing session
Barometers have different quality levels giving different range of error. The lowest level barometer has an error of +/- 5 feet. All barometers measure perfectly at Noon and Midnight regardless of their quality.
Consumes the jug as well as the water
Hour Glass 1 Glass Rod