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Basic Tub

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Basic Tub
Basic Tub
7 x 13

Cooperage 0

Cost to Build
Bricks 240
Canvas 2


Cooperage 0 (Skill) is required to build a Basic Tub. There is also a Sturdy Tub and Marble Tub.


A Basic Tub is the simplest of the tubs and has the following uses:

  • Rot 20 Dung in 20 Water to create 4 Saltpeter in 20 minutes.
  • Rot Flax to produce Rotten Flax (Not recommended - use a river/lake instead)
  • Produce Sulfur from Sulphurous Water at a ratio of 1:1.
  • Produce Salt from Salt Water (1 salt produced every 75 salt water evaporated, evaporation occur at a rate of 1 every teppy minute, Requires multiple refills. The tub must NOT be working on rotting dung, flax, etc)
  • Produce Potash from Salt Water (1 potash may be produced every 75 salt water evaporated, evaporation occur at a rate of 1 every teppy minute, Requires multiple refills)
  • Produce Clay Steeped Canvas from 1 Canvas, 10 Clay, and 20 Water in 3 minutes. (Note: no water should be in the tub to start or you will get a "Tub busy" pop-up message)
  • Produce Clay Steeped Wool Cloth from 1 Wool Cloth, 10 Clay, and 20 Water in 4 minutes. (Note: no water should be in the tub to start or you will get a "Tub busy" pop-up message)

A Basic Tub can hold a maximum of 100 Dung and 20 Water. When filled with water, it will evaporate it at a rate of 1 water per minute. You can add more water at any time to continue a process. Starting in T9, the evaporation of each 1 liquid (each tick) in the basic and sturdy tubs deteriorates them a set amount, and after a certain amount of cycles the tub will say "This tub has sprung a leak!" indicating imminent collapse of the tub.

The Sturdy Tub is the next step up in quality. The Marble Tub is the first tub you can get that does not crumble.


  • Potash may spawn when salt is produced from the evaporation process.

The likelihood of potash is likely decided by the tub itself when built. With no difference between sturdy or basic tubs. Or maybe it's just about a 50% chance...


  • The Sturdy Tub requires more canvas but is more durable - build that one if possible.
  • Always better to rot flax in a river/lake rather than a tub as the river/lake doesn't break.
  • If the tub is near the end of its lifetime, salvage it to recover some materials rather than letting them go to dust.
    • If built and used in banks, one or two of the bank will wear out first giving warning that now is the time to salvage/rebuild.
  • After placing salt water in a tub, the tub will say "You see traces of salt in the tub" on the menu of the tub. You need to evaporate 75 total salt water in a tub to get salt. If you place salt water in a tub that says "Working on: Rotting Dung", the salt water you add to the tub will not count toward the 75. Clear the tub of all dung, saltpeter, and sulfur before making salt.

Kush Chat 2019/09/20

[Redacted]: [13m] So was the saltwater not killing tubs a bug?
Malard: [12m] and thank you for pointing out the saltwater exploit :P
tehm: [11m] thank you for letting us sit for 75 minutes for a 50% chance of potash and now we're going to break the tubs doing it.
Malard: [11m] well, you dont have to sit
Somebob: [11m] I was assuming it mostly intended given that a breaking tub would vanish partial salt into the aether.
Malard: [11m] if your topping it up actively, then you havent figured it out properly :)
Malard: [10m] just fill it, let it drain
Malard: [10m] then it will say, you see a small amount of salt in the tub
Malard: [10m] fill it again
Malard: [10m] and let it drain
Malard: [10m] until it gives you salt yield
Lukeera: [05m] The problem with the fill it and let it drain model is a) the distance and b) unless it has changed lettinga tub go dry hastens its demise.
Lukeera: [04m] Perhaps give us storage barrels at a more useful place in the cooperage chain. You should also reconsider how that skill goes up.
Malard: [03m] Lukeera letting a tub go dry has no effect on usage
Malard: [03m] each time you perform a fill action (except for pure water) will add 1 tick to the usage of a tub
tehm: [03m] high capacity tubs (and water troughs for ranches) would be nice...
Malard: [02m] you can get high capacity tubs
Malard: [02m] add a barrel to it

Change Log

From the change log, 20 September 2019 (times UTC)
6:27 PM fixed: it is possible to make a tub crumble without ever using it
6:41 PM fixed: tubs producing salt from saltwater will eventually break
6:56 PM adjusted the xp gain for cooperage
9:17 PM changed: tubs have a finite number of evaporations instead of uses, this means topping up a tub from 15 -> 20 does not use up one of the uses, meaning you no longer get best efficiency from waiting until the tub is empty before refilling.
also i've removed the "random" uses that basic tubs started with, previously it was between 3 and 9 uses, which i think is the cause of a lot of people's complaints about crumbling early. They are now all consistent you will also know when a tub is "expired" as it will say in the UI that it has sprung a leak

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